Grad school update

This is hopefully my final semester of grad school. It’s a scary prospect. I have to take a class this semester – Paleoclimate – which is thankfully relevant to my thesis.

Oh yeah. My thesis. That.

You know, the other little thing I have to accomplish this semester.

I was freaking out about it yesterday, because it feels enormous and terrifying. I handed all of my samples over to be processed in May, but various delays mean that I still don’t have any lab results from them. With graduation deadlines giving me the fishy stink-eye, this is not a comfortable place in which to be.

I met with my advisor and I feel a lot better now. The content of my thesis isn’t as terrifying and huge as I was afraid it might be. I went over with her exactly what I’m expecting to have as far as parts to the thesis, and it sounds like it’s a good amount of data to weave together. I already have an idea of how I can organize it all so it makes sense.

Even better, there are things I can be doing with it right now. You know, instead of writing a blog post about it. I’ve finished my stratigraphic columns for my two cores, so I can describe them, write about my methods, go over the facies I’ve chosen, and pick pictures for illustrations from both the cores and my thin sections.

So yay, I can get to work! It’s just writing. That should be easy, right?


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