Writing Update #2: New stuff for you to read!

On with the show!

  1. First off, Blood in Elk Creek is out! Buy it from the vendor of your choice! You can’t go wrong with snark and zombies in the Black Hills.bloodinelkcreek-500
  2. Another story of mine is out, this one free to read: Stranger, from Silver Blade
  3. Karen over at Unfiltered Speech in a Politically Correct World had me as a guest at her blog for an interview, so that was fun. You can read it here.
  4. I had a torrid love affair with the Iron Throne at Worldcon. And had a lot of fun working the SFWA and Broad Universe tables.
  5. I upgraded my SFWA membership from associate to active, since I now have the three pro sales to do it! I’ve also joined Codex because holy shit guys they were everywhere at Worldcon kind of like a nerdy, nerdy cult, and they brought me the good news.
  6. I was on the Skiffy and Fanty podcast when they were doing walk ins at Worldcon. Episode 1 here. I actually dropped in on each one of those episodes because I love podcasting and never get to do it. Huge thanks to Shaun and Jen for being so generous and letting me play!


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