Flowchart: When is it acceptable to touch someone else’s hair? 5

hair flowchart

It’s been so many years since I had long hair and was subjected to random strangers touching it, I’d almost forgotten that this is a thing that happens. But I’ve been reminded in discussion, so here. I made this handy flowchart because apparently this is still a topic that leaves some people mystified.

5 thoughts on “Flowchart: When is it acceptable to touch someone else’s hair?

  1. Reply janiece65 Jan 24,2014 14:39

    Um, yes. Just so. When my hair was very long and quite white, it happened to me occasionally. Because evidently white should feel different, or something. Ew.

  2. Reply roseargent Jan 24,2014 16:54

    One little old lady actually grabbed my (ass-length) hair and *pulled*. To see if it was real, I suppose. I couldn’t even think of anything to say to that one, just gave her the most incredulous look imaginable.

  3. Reply Jaime-Lee Jan 26,2014 02:24

    I have almost always had medium length to long hair, and it is rarely touched. Except once in a blue moon by close friends. It gives me that “I wanna flail my leg like a dog with a tummy rub” feeling. Though I think that if ever a stranger dared invade my personal space that way I would have to restrain myself from eye poking.

    The chart is hilarious by the way. I get that way for textiles …

  4. Reply Dawn Watson Jan 30,2014 14:04

    No one touches my hair. If anyone even makes a move toward it, I give them the Stare of Death and they back away, slowly, and feel thankful I left all their limbs intact.

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