No Sh!t, There I Was: Dropped In

Ready for one of the last three pieces from the table of contents for my amazeballs anthology?

It’s time for another slush jackalope fave, this one titled Dropped In, by Jo Robson. As story opening lines for the anthology go, this is my favorite second only to the necromantic weaselsNo shit, there I was, hip deep in watermelon and about to get eaten by the dog.

Well come on, if you’re going to start out like that, I have to keep reading.

Dropped In is definitely to the lighter side of the No Shit spectrum. It’s the story of a little green robotic PDA (PaD technically, in the story’s terms) named BeBop. He might seem like an innocent electronic device with no will of his own, but he’s got a snarky personality and an extremely mischievous sense of humor that’s guaranteed to get him in trouble and does. When one of his pranks backfires, he has to figure out how to fix his unwitting mistake or risk being given to his owner’s nose-picking, young nephew.

This story is cute. BeBop is a  perfect snarky narrator who isn’t allowed by his programming to say even half of what he thinks out loud. (And don’t we all know how that feels.) The decision he ultimately faces is true to life in its own way as well. It’s one tiny green robot against a large and hostile world.

Sound fun? You’re still got a week to get in on the Kickstarter and make sure you get your book in whatever format pleases you best!

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