2010: Year in Review


Since one of my major projects for the year was writing, I want to cover that first. And it’s exciting, because I finally got to put my big girl writer pants on this summer! I’m now officially an associate member of the SFWA, which was a giant personal accomplishment for me, to go with getting my first story published at a pro rate.

Written This Year

Novels: I started work on two novels and am still having a hard time figuring out which to work on first. Which is fine, since I haven’t had a lot of time or attention span for working on something long anyway. I also got about a third of the way in to a second draft of one of my old NaNos, but let it fall by the wayside in favor of Throne of Nightmares

This year I also completed three separate drafts of Throne of Nightmares, which Isaac and Sin were good enough to critique. I also have started sending out queries for Throne of Nightmares, which is exciting and terrifying at the same time. We’ll see if I have any luck there…

Shorter stuff:
Written total: 8 short stories, 1 novelette, 1 novella
Finalized: 5 short stories, 1 novelette
Consigned to the Trunk of Awfulness, never to emerge again: 1 short story

Queries Sent: 48
Rejections Received: 38
Most rejections received: Transportation at 14

Published this year: The Book of Autumn in Beneath Ceaseless Skies issue #49.
Slated for next year: Transportation in Anotherealm in September, The Falling Star in the New Fairytales Anthology by Aurora Wolf which should be coming out in early 2011.

So I feel that generally, I did a good job with writing this year! I’m hoping to do as well next year, though I think my productivity will be lower since I won’t have half a year off of school this time around.


This, I didn’t do so well at. Total, I did 165 entries this year, which is okay I guess… averages about one every three days or so. But I was trying for every other day. Up until about September I did all right (we shall not speak of April… my excuse is wedding prep!) but after that my productivity just tanked. I honestly don’t think next year will be much better thanks to that grad school thing. In the grand scheme of things, if I have to choose between writing a blog post and writing on a story, the story is bound to win.

Everything Else!

2010 was a massive, crazy year for me. And mostly filled with good instead of bad, so I can’t complain at all.

The Good

1. I got married! (I have many photos, by the way…) That was exciting, and involved some wonderful cake and a lot of British people wandering around in Colorado and feeling faintly bemused. Married life has, honestly, not been much different from unmarried life considering Mike and I had been living together for five years before the wedding. But it was still an incredibly important milestone in our relationship and I couldn’t be happier.

2. I started grad school! I’ve still got my doubts, worries, and uncertainties, but I survived my first semester, and I think I survived it fairly well. Of one of my classes, the less said of it the better, but the other – sedimentary petrology – I did really well in. I even got the highest score in the class on my sandstone practical, as far as I can tell. I haven’t started my research yet, but I read two articles a week and am slowly coming up to speed on the Bighorn Basin.

3. I survived to my 30th birthday! And then I got very drunk.

4. I’ve managed to get myself back into good enough shape to start kung fu back up. I’m incredibly excited about that. I’ve learned the entirety of the sze sze chuen suong ta now, and I’ve gotten deep into ching men chuen. I feel like that’s extremely good for only three months back.

5. I got an Exxon-Mobil research grant, so I’ll be able to spend a month or so up in the Bighorn Basin next summer. That’ll hopefully give me a good start to my research. Once I figure out what my topic is.

6. Got my first short story published at a professional rate! Yes, I know that I already mentioned this, but it’s so exciting I think it’s worth mentioning again.

7. I rescued a cat and helped find her a new home. I got to cat sit for her at the beginning of December, and she’s thriving. Crazy, but thriving.

8. I got to go to TAM for the third year in a row and hang out with all of my friends – and got hugged by DJ Grothe (omg Squee). I also was able to go to MileHi Con for the first time in years, even if only for a day. I was very excited about that and had a blast. And, of course, capped that day with getting to go to a Not-Quite-a-W00tstock.

9. Made it back to the UK for Christmas this year, after skipping last year so we could save up for the wedding. It was really nice to get to see everyone, and have our (mostly) annual walk along the beach in Brighton.

The Bad

1. The furnace springs immediately to mind, since it also only just happened. While it’s only a thing, and it didn’t kill or harm anyone, the harm that it’s done to our bank account still has me reeling. I also realized that if it had gone up before we headed to the UK, we wouldn’t have made it this year. So a thing falling apart in and of itself isn’t that big of a deal, it’s the stress that it puts our household under that makes it bad.

2. In the same vein, getting the news that the car is going to fall apart soon and really isn’t worth repairing was rough. On the good side, it’s still running, even if it sounds so awful you feel like you should have a bag over your head when you drive it somewhere. But we know the day is coming, and now our money that was reserved for the car is gone, thanks to the furnace.

3. The class that shall not be named in grad school made the last three weeks of the semester a living hell during which I didn’t even get to see my husband for more than a few hours a week. This is probably for the best, since if I had seen him I likely would have started screaming at him for no good reason, just because of the stress.

4. Being completely unable to find an internship for next summer. This was a major blow to my self-esteem, particularly since everyone assured me I had a rock-solid resume. Maybe I just suck that much at the interview part of the process. Of course, this also adds to the financial distress, since it means I won’t be earning nearly as much in the summer of 2011 as I should. But what can you do… we’ll survive.

So… twice as much good as bad. That’s always an excellent sign! Hopefully 2011 will be even better. A little less woe in the finance department would be nice.

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